Who We Are

Camp Boothe is a conference, camping, and equipping center owned by the Alabama Church of God of Prophecy.  We provide great opportunity for ministry.  Through the course of a year, Camp Boothe sees hundreds of children and youth attend our camps and conferences.  Many are led to Christ for the first time during these powerful meetings.  Camp Boothe also facilitates numerous opportunities for leadership development, including SOPAS, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary classes, and local church ministry training events.  

In addition, we are also a rental facility for different churches, companies, and businesses across the state of Alabama. 

Our Mission

Camp Boothe is committed

to being a leading Christian conference & camping ministry for all ages.

Camp Boothe is called

to be an equipping center for current and future world changers.

Camp Boothe is confident

to provide a place for weary souls to find hope, rest, and joy.